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a synthesis of thought


a synthesis of thought

The Eucalyptus Tree


The Eucalyptus Tree draws to life the story of young Isaac, the son of an abused and battered but loving woman and the son of a vengeful, violent father. The story paints an all too familiar tale of domestic violence and abuse. Isaac and his mother survive by hiding their feelings from one another and everyone else. Too scared to even speak, they often cower alone. It is only when they open up to one another that they find each other and the strength to escape real evil.

What’s new

Isaac Head Progress

  February 23, 2016

Below are a new set of images of Isaac's new head with Animation Toolkit eyes. I'm thinking of building custom eyes rather than using these...

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New 3D Head Design for Isaac

  February 11, 2016

The new head for Isaac, modeled by David Larson. Isaac - quick test print The below image shows the main problem we were experiencing with...

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New Hands for Isaac

  November 21, 2015

The original kit hand parts were too large for Isaac's small hands. I had to construct new custom hands. These are 24 gauge steel wire and...

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Abe Visual Development Concept Art

  October 19, 2015

Here is Abe, the abusive father in the story. Artwork by Victoria Baylor. Abe was a little more difficult to nail down the exact look...

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Hand Development

  October 2, 2015

There's several resources online I've found that explain how to make hands. The two books by Ken Priebe are very helpful on this topic as...

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